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Industry News

Use And Selection Of Mould Ejector Pin

Author:Editor ComeFrom:Internet Date:2016-09-05 9:57:30 Hits:1267
        First,The principle of using mould ejector pin
      (1) Mould ejector pin shall be arranged so that top output to balance. The structure of the complex parts required to release stress, the number should be increased accordingly.
       (2)Placing mould ejector pin should be effective parts, such as bone, column, steps, metal inserts, local structure of complex parts of thick rubber. A bone, column on both sides of the thimble should be arranged symmetrically, and bone,ejector pin column edge spacing of D=1.5mm, in addition, should try to ensure that both sides of the center of the thimble column connection through column center.
      (3) To avoid cross step or set ejector pin on an inclined surface, the top surface of the ejector pin should be gentle, should be arranged in a ejector pin structure parts plastic stress better.
     (4) In plastic deep bone position (depth more than 20mm) or difficult layout dome should be used when the needle, flat ejector pin. Need to use flat ejector pin,ejector pin at the flat form as far as possible the use of inserts for processing.
      (5) To avoid sharp steel, thin steel, especially the ejector pin top surface can not touch the die face.
       (6) the ejector pin distribution should take into account the ejector pin and the transport channel edge spacing, avoid the influence of processing and Water Leakage transport channel.
       (7) Considering the exhaust ejector pin, to exhaust ejection, easy to form in vacuum parts should be arranged. For example, a larger cavity, although the plastic parts of the smaller package, but easy to form a vacuum, leading to increased release force.
      (8) A plastic appearance, not arranged on the external surface of the ejector pin, with other ejection method.
      (9) For transparent plastic, ejector pin can not arranged in need light transmission parts.
    Second, The selection principle of thimble
     (1) The larger diameter of the ejector pin. That there is enough ejection position under the condition of larger diameter should be selected, and the size of the first ejector pin.
     (2) The ejector pin specifications should be as little as possible. Ejector pin should be adjusted according to the size of the minimum size at the same time, try to choose the size range of priority.
       (3) The ejector pin ejection should meet the strength requirements. The top, ejector pin to withstand greater pressure, to avoid the bending deformation of small ejector pin,ejector pin when the diameter is less than 2.5mm, should be used with care.