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Why the mould price is high

Author:Editor ComeFrom:Hongfa Date:2016-08-09 15:34:16 Hits:1218
         Often , after the quotation, the customer said that our price is too high. Ask why the price is so high? In fact, the price of the mold needs to consider various factors.
            The first, the choice of the mold material, some customers prefer to choose the hard material, the harder the mold material, the more durable. In fact this is a misunderstanding, the mold die general and plastic contact, so don't worry about the hardness of steel; mold sections will into the terminal and then formed, terminal material for copper, most of the mold steel hardness is enough. If you choose a hard material, in addition to the material and heat treatment itself, the price is more expensive; in the processing costs will increase. Such as the grinder angle to 0.01mm, hardness differences can make the difference in time doubled or even several times.
         Second ,the requirements of the mold, the current mold accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher, the general CNC is difficult to meet the requirements, which requires the use of electrical discharge machining, the cost will come up. The vast majority of precision plastic mold to discharge, requires the discharge surface for the sub mirror has become a trend, which makes the number of electrodes increased, the discharge time increased, the cost of natural up.
       Third,  the mold design / chart. Some engineers plan, less removal of kernels, reduce the workload. Originally used grinding machine can clear the corners of the workpiece, design is designed to clear the angle with edm. Can be used as a whole discharge machining of the workpiece, designed to be designed to disperse the workpiece, virtually increase the discharge time. In addition to the design, the marking of the drawing surface is also important, different tolerances with different processing technology, even if the same processing technology, different tolerance processing time is very different. Suppliers must be according to map processing, may also lead to scrap rate increases, the wool in the sheep, these costs will passed on to customers.
          In addition to the above factors, the supplier should also strive to improve the level of technology and efficiency of the self.