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Industry News

The essence of the management of the injection mould enterprises in Japan

Author: ComeFrom:Mold News Date:2016-06-21 13:36:40 Hits:1478
        In order to approach or to catch up with the advanced countries of the manufacturing level, many of us die enterprises to purchase foreign most advanced processing equipment, however, compared with foreign domestic mold companies per capita output or worse a distance, is to close or to catch up with the advanced countries of the manufacturing level, many of us die enterprises to purchase foreign most advanced processing equipment, however, compared with foreign domestic mold companies per capita output or worse for some distance, to have a higher companies per capita output, but also need to have advanced management.
         The essence of the management of Die & mold enterprise in Japan: things in harmony, strength in unity.
    First, the field management
   1. Departments: Monday, three, five meeting system
      Mold manufacturing and processing is a complex, multi sectoral coordination of high precision manufacturing system, error prone, rework, inter departmental communication will affect cooperation and cooperation, affect the final quality of the mold. In view of the characteristics of mold industry, 30 minutes at the set of design, processing, quality group, set of programming, planning group, outsourcing group, fitter group will in every one, three, five in the morning, location is generally located in the workshop office. Keep for a long time down the system of regular meetings of the Department, the team responsible for good new opportunities for communication between people, touch into the team responsible for the harmonious relations between the people.
     2. Office mode: Die workshop leader in office
      Mold shop is the enterprise mold manufacturing center, the commander in command line can understand the scene details, easy to find problems and solve problems on site, such as parts of the processing time, often improper processing issued a strange sound, on-site office leadership can to keep abreast of the problems in production, so in the front office can understand the workshop staff work condition and the mental outlook, the staff will think leadership in with them through thick and thin.
     3. Management mode: workshop office management design, quality control and other departments
     Different to the Chinese mold enterprise management mode, mold enterprise is workshop office design management, quality control and other departments, which is reflected the characteristics of mold enterprises: to manufacture as the center, the design department and quality management department in order to focus on the workshop production as the central task. Through several years of observation, it avoids the for office and workshop design department, quality management department level, caused by quality problems, since the Department at the same level and passing the buck, refused to give ground, did not reflect the design department and quality management department is the central task of the workshop production services.
     4. Communication: Department of cadres and the switchboard connected mobile phone
     A mold manufacturing is from the beginning of the design, specifications, parts procurement, processing parts outsourcing, to the manufacturing floor used car, milling, grinding, planing machine, EDM, wire cutting processing equipment, precision parts, to the completion of the final assembly, manufacturing links, each team with high, a complex set of die structure and need to support more than 100 pieces of processing drawings and words, work time communication has become very important. Class above the head of mobile phone and the company telephone connection, intelligent call and call forwarding system is the company in the management of secret weapon, in the noisy environment of the workshop if not aware of their mobile phone in call, the other party that is necessary according to the provisions of the button, the workshop the loudspeaker broadcast will make a call, after hearing the call, to the nearest telephone and according to the provisions of the button, and call each other talk.
      5. Set higher goals: the goal is to try a successful model
      Every year for employees to develop higher goal is to motivate all employees in order to approach the goal every day can work. A successful trial model is the first time the mold on the injection molding machine without the flying side, there is no special bad phenomenon. For the complex structure of the instrument panel die is not a small challenge. I went to Japan this will know that this goal in the implementation, but two years ago did not reach, now reached due to the target and the quality is stable, the Toyota Motor Company sent to the enterprise new mould quality free green card, but also to the enterprise brought many new orders.
      6. Training generalist: every six months each department job rotation part operator
      Even Japanese enterprise talent flow is very small, every six months each department part operator job rotation, the implementation of employee generalist training plan, this is a site management can not be ignored and underestimated the things. Staff for the new job, although there is a small investment to take place, however, did not train their staff to support enterprises, enterprises bigger and stronger or to avoid the loss of talent. Many of the team leader, head of the workshop are selected from the generalist staff. Culture is versatile site management is an important part of.
     Second, design, manufacturing and customer communication

     For a long time, business, design, manufacture various departments perform their respective duties, usually dealing with customers is business sector, concerns and demands of the customers did not pass design, manufacturing of each department, design department staff know according to the requirement of design, manufacturing department employees know according to the drawing processing, the mechanical work, often have customers are not satisfied with the place, especially do not understand the business sector for orders of hard, strive to certain orders for design or manufacturing department staff due to the reasons for delayed delivery or quality problems, and against or losing customers. On a regular basis to design and manufacture department employees and customers meet, communicate and communion, work in the mechanical changes on the grounds to work.

    Third, enterprise culture
     Explore the essence of the Japanese injection mold enterprise management is not to forget it is the basis of corporate culture, not to create a good corporate culture, it can not promote the plant management.
     1. officers and men
      In some enterprises in China, the boss wants his enterprise management level, hope to manage the effectiveness, but ignored the officers and men. Japanese companies pay great attention to this point, the leader or chief and subordinates in an office, the office is the same. Engage in once a week on the scene and the office of health, leader or chief and subordinate work together. Cadres and the masses to work together every week to work in 20 years ago, and now can not say no, but very few. Thinking on the operation of the officers and men to do the same is the driving force for the development of enterprises.
     2 .Age and designer shop operator treatment agreement
      China's social background can not be achieved, but it is important to understand the significance of the treatment of the same. Japanese society is very understanding of the importance of the development of productivity, and the importance of claiming to be a big and nation, has been studying the meaning of "and". In the event of production problems when cross sectoral work usually reflects the equal treatment.
      3 .section chief following the level of leadership is a part-time cadres
      Chinese enterprises in the middle level cadres to do a part-time job is difficult, but it is important to understand the significance of part-time. Take the design department is concerned, leading for example to implement in action, chief of the tube the Department nearly 30, 000 employees, own and even a set of mould design, it can keep abreast of the latest design software, the new design method and will not be era is eliminated by the young people.
     4 .Don't bother others with your own business.
     Japanese enterprise employees think even is already 12 o'clock at night that they did not understand, did not finish the thing does not pass to a process, continue to do tomorrow or boil again, to pass on the wrong things to a process, this result is no quality problems, there is no rework, only it save a lot of time to repair, which can reduce the manufacturing cost. We have already mentioned the mold manufacturing process, with multiple, high precision, but Chinese "almost" may affect the quality of the mold, China mold to be close to the level of Japan to start from creating a corporate culture that things don't trouble to others, the essence is to do their own flawed things don't pass it to a process. 5 to the department or group as a unit, technical innovation.
Enterprise development funds used in equipment purchase, expansion of plant and other enterprises bigger and is correct, but often overlooked the technological innovation and contest the soft environment. The enterprise strong is strong in the staff, staff will often carry out strong technological innovation activities and competition. Japanese companies have technological innovation incentive mechanism between the Department of technical contest activities once a year. At the end of each year the company in recognition of the General Assembly on the outstanding achievements of the department.
   Fourth , eight attention
    1. Pay attention to the accumulation of errors in the work
     Error after his will in every morning for simple written speech, the system does not punish individuals, but publicity to everyone, every error written report bound volumes, left to future generations to learn, it is the wealth of the enterprise.
     2. Emphasis on manufacturing and design techniques have their own standards
     Chinese enterprise spread in this way, first-class enterprise standards, second-class enterprises to do the brand. Indeed, this enterprise has more than 40 years of rapid development, the development of the enterprise has its own design standards, processing standards, such as the standard.
      3. Pay attention to the timely delivery of information and smooth
       Nowadays the information will become money, information is one of the winning weapons. Between departments, teams and groups have agreed to the information transfer code, to ensure that information is clear.
      4. Pay attention to the working environment
      In the heat production of large-scale mold workshop to maintain the temperature of 26 degrees is to put a large number of power. There is still no consideration of business thinking. Suitable for the manufacture of the environment to produce more qualified things, reduce the reject rate.
      5. Pay attention to the field experience of staff
      In CAM programming department, bold use workshop skilled operator is wise, they have skilled processing knowledge and skills, and many are reluctant to counterparts in workshop students no field experience, complete cam programs have an armchair joke.
      6. Emphasis on personal capacity maximization
       Equipment company asked the operator boldly choose risk tool and processing procedures, reflects the enterprise in the cultivation of people to achieve the employee's personal ability to maximize.
       7. pay attention to the accumulation of technological innovation
       Whether the enterprise can defeat the enemy, is one of the key technologies to enterprises. Engage in technical innovation competition each year, the end of the whole company in recognition of the outstanding achievements of the Department of the general assembly, told all employees to pay attention to technological innovation, only the latest technology, to be invincible.
       8. pay attention to the way and method to solve the problem
        Men discovered a problem, many bosses would be about men work after drinking, drinking will tactfully leads to the topic, in short, in harmony is the management skill of many leaders take the hint.